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Phobya UltraBig Watercase V.1 black Edition

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Technical details
Case - Type: Big-Tower
Color: black
Manufacturer: Phobya
Material: Steel
Power Supply Unit: without
Radiator BACK: 120mm
Radiator BOTTOM: 120mm, 140mm, 200mm dual, 200mm single, 240mm, 280mm, 360mm, 420mm, 480mm
Radiator FRONT: 120mm, 140mm, 200mm single, 240mm, 280mm
Radiator SIDE: 120mm, 240mm, 360mm, Nova 9x120mm, Supernova 9x140mm
Radiator TOP: 120mm, 140mm, 200mm dual, 200mm single, 240mm, 280mm, 360mm, 420mm, 480mm
Side Window: Not available
The first truly water cooling-oriented enclosure: The Phobya WaCoolIT mATX-1 Case black!...more
Product Information

The first truly water cooling-oriented enclosure: The Phobya WaCoolIT mATX-1 Case black!

Phobya is a legend in the water cooling and modding sector. Hence it was only a question of time until Phobya was goind to develop a whole new enclosure which would improve on the insufficiencies of standard enclosures. Hence a modular concept  was developed, allowing the customer to create the perfect enclosure!

1.5mm thick steel makes the enclosure extremely rigid and sturdy, helping with repeated changes to the system. Every black powder coates component, front & rear, inner structure, side panels: Truly everything can be removed or changed. No rivets, everything is mounted with M4 hexagonal socket screws! This gives modders a whole new dimension of possibilities in enclosure modification. But not only case modders will enjoy this enclosure as the foundation for their system. These enclosures are only the foundation for your system, as all components can be replaced. You prefer a side panel with a Plexi window in it? A top plate prepared for radiator mounting? Simply put the piece you want on the enclosure! And Phobya is continously developing additional different components.
Maximum versatility and individuality being the main feature of this enclosure, no buttons or switches are included with the enclosure, as the two 19mm holes in the front of the enclosure can be used to fit just the buttons you want! Many buttons and witches on the market are compatible with this system, and if you are looking for great quality you will also find many high-grade compatible switches and buttons in the Phobya portfolio.

The enclosure is shipped fully assembled despite the modular design!

Water cooloing is a topic on which development of this enclosure focussed. Tubing and cable loop-throughs were oiptimized for this application. All rubberized openings for hoses or cables allow removal of the protective rubber frame to allow installation of Fillports compatible with 25mm holes. Many different radiator-, reservoir and pump mounting options are integrated. With this enclosure Phobya has brought the first truly water cooling-optimized enclosure to the market!

Mainboards and graphics cards:
Especially in the high-end sector, in which many water cooling users feel at home, compatibility with large Mainboards and graphics cards is essential. Hence this enclosure is not only compatible with standard ATX, mATX, eATX and µATX, but also allows mounting of SR-2 boards without any rebuilding. Even for large graphics cards, especially Dual-GPU cards, this enclosure offers plenty of space. Without modifications to the enclosure, graphics cards with a length of up to 40cm can be installed.  Should even more space be needed, the dirve mounts can be removed, giving space for 58cm long cards.

Special features of the Phobya WaCoolT mATX-1 Case Black enclosure:

Radiator or fan mounting:

  • Rear: 1x 120mm fan (no 140mm)
  • Front:: 1x200mm radiator, 1x280mm or smaller, 1x 240mm or smaller - the complete HDD mounts can be pushed back for different radiator sizes
  • Top: 1x 400mm radiator, 1x480mm or smaller, 1x 420mm or smaller, 1x200mm
  • Bottom: 1x 400mm radiator, 1x480mm or smaller, 1x 420mm or smaller, 1x 200mm
  • Middle plate: 1x 400mm radiator, 1x 480mm or smaller, 1x 420mm or smaller, 1x 200mm
  • Right side panel: 1x Nova or SUPERNOVA mounting possibility, Nova Box also possible
  • Left side panel: 1x Nova or SUPERNOVA mounting possibility, Nova Box required, shroud 180mm or 200mm

Loop-through / Fillport holes:

  • 2x Rear (25mm)
  • 4x Top (25mm)
  • 6x Tubing loop-through (25mm)

Additional mounting possibilities:

  • 2x pump mounting possibility for pumps on the middle plate
  • M4 mounting threads
  • Compatibility with (amongst others): Laing DDC, Laing D5, Eheim 1046 (HPPS, Aquastream, Watercool 12V), Eheim 1048, Magicool 12V, Phobya DC 260 & DC 400, EK-DCP 2,2 & DCP 4,0
  • Internal reservoir mounting (instead of radiators)
  • External reservoir mounting
  • 5 Slot-in holes for mounting of a reservoir (tube up to 400mm in length)

Technical specifications:
Material: Steel
Colour: Black powder coated
Dimensions (LxWxH): 585 x 243 x 760mm
Mounting screw for the enclosure: M4x5mm countersunk head
Weight: 22000g
Mainboard compatibility: 585 x 243 x 760mm
Graphics card length: up to 400mm, up to 580mm after removal of HDD slots
Wheels as feet
5x 5.25" drive bays with 4 front plates
9x 3.5" HDD bays
3 PSU slots, two of which with faceplateand 80mm fan mounting possibility, length of up to 400mm

A german illustrated mounting manual can be found here

Extent of delivery:
1x Phobya WaCoolT UltraBig Watercase Black
Mounting material
Allen key

Note: The optional buttons, not included, can be found here in black and silver.

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